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Apr.2, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 11


Identity politics

Why Randall Kennedy ’77 writes about racial loyalty, betrayal, and selling out

Published in the Apr.2, 2008, issue

Each spring, the Harvard Black Law Students Association hosts a conference in which black alumni return to share their experiences since graduation. Invariably, writes Randall Kennedy ’77, a Harvard law professor, the older alumni exhort students to avoid...Read more
Arka Mukherjee *95 in New York City

Dollars and dreams

In microfinance, a little loan goes a long way

Published in the Apr.2, 2008, issue

Arka Mukherjee *95 may be the only entrepreneur in the high-tech world of data integration who holds a Princeton Ph.D. in chemistry, and he has an eclectic range of interests that spans from computers to wildlife conservation. But according to friend and...Read more
A sampling of the Princetonians who readers felt deserved to be on the top-25 list: from left, Syngman Rhee *1910, Jim Lebenthal '49, Eugene O'Neill 1910, Cornel West '80

Having your say

Our readers' opinions on Princeton's most influential alumni

Published in the Apr.2, 2008, issue

Our Jan. 23 issue presented a list of the University’s most influential alumni, as chosen by a faculty and alumni panel. We posted on our Web site a list of approximately 250 alumni who have been recognized for their professional accomplishments — a list we...Read more
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