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May14, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 13


Financial aid: Who wins?

As elite schools offer financial aid to more affluent families, other colleges struggle to stay in the game

“Your money is always greener before your tuition’s paid, 
And if the years are leaner, you must get financial aid. 
And so the administration, not too many days ago, they changed the situation. 
Now all can afford to go ... Princeton is free! Princeton is...Read more

Jumping from the Ivory Tower

There’s life after a Ph.D. — and it may not be in academe

Ann Kirschner *78 spent her graduate-school years immersed in the great works of Victorian literature, but she didn’t stumble upon the sentence that launched her career as she was reading the novels of Dickens or Eliot. Rather, the powerful phrase came in the...Read more
Robert F. Goheen ’40 *48

Robert Francis Goheen '40 *48 Memories of a leader who mastered the art of listening

Traveling through New Jersey in the late 1960s with two classmates from Harvard, Stephen Goheen stopped back home in Princeton, where his father, the president of Princeton University, invited the trio out to lunch. Cambridge, even more than Princeton, was...Read more
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