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June11, 2008

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Lauren (Holuba)Nelson '04

Serving soldiers and their families

Lauren (Holuba) Nelson '04 never imagined that she would become a military spouse. Although she grew up near West Point, she never had been there and knew almost nothing about the military. But after marrying West Point graduate Tom Nelson in...

LisaJackson *86

Protecting the environment

Even though Lisa Jackson *86 grew up a “city girl” in New Orleans and wasn’t particularly outdoorsy, she has made a career in protecting the environment so that other people can enjoy hiking, camping, and swimming. As commissioner of New...

MitchDaniels '71

Tackling Indiana's economy

When it comes to the future of his state, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels ’71 is thinking big. But his first term demonstrates how bold action might not be the surest ticket to a second term. The governor has ruffled so many feathers that two...

KristJake '66

Celebrating the oceans

The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, the first film festival in the United States to focus on the seas, celebrated its fifth anniversary Feb. 1–3. The three-day event was the brainchild of Krist Jake ’66, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who had...
Alumni Connections
Among the participants in PALS, a New York-based group that mentors minority law students, are, from left, mentor Shea Owens '94; PALS chairwoman Amanda Samuel '92; PALS founder and mentor Patricia Irvin '76; mentee Elan Nieves '06; and mentor Heather Butts '94.

Princeton attorneys: Mentoring minority law students

Web Exclusive

As the new hiring partner at a New York law firm in 1984, Dave Siegfried '64 turned to his only black associate, fellow Princeton alum Patricia Irvin '76, for help increasing diversity. To get ideas, Irvin talked...Read more
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