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July16, 2008

Vol. 108, No. 16

Davidson's financial aid

In response to: Financial aid: Who wins?

By David Tobin *77

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

Your article on “the recent spate of financial-aid improvements” ignores the significant role played by Davidson College. In March 2007, Davidson became the first liberal arts college in the country to replace loans with grants in all of its financial-aid packages. With an...

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For the record

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

A memorial for John Todd Cowles ’34 in the Nov. 5, 2003, issue of PAW misstated the length of his marriage to Toffee Lee Cowles, who survives him. The two were married on May 1, 2002.

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Benefits of a year off

By Willard Dalrymple, M.D.

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

A letter in the April 23 issue by my friend Harvey Rothberg ’49 comments on a current proposal to create a “bridge-year” program for students admitted to Princeton to spend a year abroad before starting their freshman year. In 1965, my colleagues at the University Health...

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Going back: Reunions as a motivator

In response to: Princeton is my life coach

By Margot E. Levin ’88

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

Going back: Reunions as a motivator I agree with my classmate Jeff Gordinier ’88 on the role of Reunions as a motivator (Perspective, May 14). However, I would broaden his definition of the “Princeton family” to include local residents, who also have high expectations of the...

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Arming campus police

In response to: Campus police seek approval to carry weapons

By Steve Rementer ’68

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

I guess creating your own armed militia (Notebook, May 14) would go nicely with other constitutional issues addressed on campus. Why not outsource? Get the local constabulary to hire additional officers and then rent them back. They would be of service on and off campus, and the...

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