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Sept. 24, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 1

Cover Story
Graduate student Mark de Groh looks for artifacts near Beyözü, a village in central Turkey.

Marking time

Combining history and archaeology, these Princeton scholars reconstruct daily life in the fields of Turkey

By Brett Tomlinson

At the entrance to a mosque in Kozören, a small farming village in central Turkey, Princeton history professor John Haldon leans to the right, dips his shoulder, and cranes his neck to read the inscription on a large, cylindrical stone. In addition to...

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Why he taught

Remembering Robert Fagles

By James H.S. McGregor ’68 *75

James H.S. McGregor ’68 *75 is a professor of comparative literature at the University of Georgia. Professor Robert Fagles was known to multitudes...

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A moment with ... Massie Ritsch ’98

Follow the money. That’s what Massie Ritsch ’98 does each day as communications director of the Center for Responsive Politics, a Washington-based...

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Tiger of the Week:
Biologist Susan Mango *90
Web Bonus Links
Dateline: Turkey
PAW associate editor Brett Tomlinson’s video and slideshow of a Princeton professor’s archaeological survey.
The pen is mightier
A portfolio of memorable political cartoons from Firestone Library’s current exhibition.
Words and music
A pair of tracks from the second music CD by author Madison Smartt Bell ’79 and a collaborator.
Gerhard R. Andlinger ’52: Q & A
In a rare interview, the private investment executive talks about his $100 million gift and what Princeton means to him.
Find the fake van Gogh
Digital analysis of brushstrokes can help authenticate paintings, Princeton researchers say. Take our quiz and see if you can spot the fake.
On the tube
Campaign-finance expert Massie Ritsch ’98 matches wits with Stephen Colbert in this video clip from “The Colbert Report.”
Web Exclusives
Rally 'Round the Cannon
Gregg Lange ’70 recaps 112 years of Princetonians’ Olympic gold.
On the Campus
Chip McCorkle ’09 tells how Wall Street’s uncertain summer affected Princeton interns.
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