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Sept.24, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 1

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A sampler of political cartoons

A portfolio of cartoons from the exhibition, “Sketching Their Characters: 150 Years of Political Cartoons,” which runs through Jan. 4, 2009, at the Leonard L. Milberg Gallery in Firestone Library.

Published in the September24, 2008, issue

Courtesy Princeton University Archives

James Akin (1773-1846). “The pedlar and his pack, or the desperate effort, an over balance.” This print depicts the editor of the Philadelphia Democratic Press, John Binns, who had published handbills accusing candidate Andrew Jackson of arbitrary executions and other violent acts. These were countered by pro-Jackson handbills and some of the earliest presidential campaign caricatures. Here, Binns supports a load of coffins on his back, along with the figures of Henry Clay and incumbent President Adams.

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2 Responses to Bonus Cartoon Slideshow

J. Cole Says:

2009-03-30 11:00:43

Happened across this site. The cartoon is by Hugh Haynie of The (Louisville) Courier-Journal.

Gary Davenport Says:

2013-09-27 12:30:19

I just happened across your webpage display and I've enjoyed your cartoon presentation very much. May I identify, absolutely without any doubts, that this cartoon was produced by Mr. Hugh Haynie. At this point in Haynie's career he was with The Louisville Courier-Journal newspaper. I hope you do not mind my offering this assistance, as I have been archiving Hugh Haynie's political/editorial cartoons for 50 years. Gary Davenport, Hugh Haynie Cartoon Archivist & Conservator, Dallas, Georgia, Phone: 404-468-0379, email:
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