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Social and Economic Networks (Posted on Nov.4, 2008)

By Matthew O. Jackson ’84

(Princeton University Press) The author introduces social and economic networks based on the latest findings in economics, sociology, computer science, physics, and mathematics....

The International Encyclopedia of Public Health (Posted on Jan.27, 2009)

By Heggenhougen and Quah (Elsevier), editors. Chapter by Mark H. Boyer ’55.

Markley H. Boyer ’55 wrote the chapter “The World’s Medical Schools: Past, Present, and Future” on the history of world medical schools and medical education. Boyer presents a...

Arabian Knight: Colonel Bill Eddy [’17] USMC and the Rise of American Power in the Middle East (Posted on Sept.24, 2008)

By Thomas W. Lippman

(Selwa Press) This biography of Bill Eddy ’17 examines his life in the Middle East. Eddy was a Marine Corps hero of World War I, a prominent scholar of classical English...

Straddling Worlds: The Jewish-American Journey of Professor Richard W. Leopold [’33] (Posted on Sept.24, 2008)

By Steven J. Harper

(Northwestern University Press) In this biography of his former beloved teacher and mentor at Northwestern University, the author explores Leopold’s triumph over anti-Semitism,...

Christianity: Lifeblood of America’s Free Society (1620-1945) (Posted on Sept.24, 2008)

By John A. Howard ’43

(Summit Press) The author reflects on the role Christianity has played in the history of the United States and the consequences of modern America’s fall from Christian values....

Houses of New Orleans (Posted on Nov.20, 2008)

By Alex Caemmerer ’45

(Schiffer Books) In this coffee-table book, historical and architectural commentaries accompany color photographs of the homes, from three-bay shotguns to Greek revival and...

His Edge: Three Women, Three Mentors, One Plane (Posted on Jan.27, 2009)

By Wayne Harding ’45

(Outskirts Press) This semi-autobiographical novel tells the story of Waite Davis, a WWII Navy ensign fighter pilot turned civilian test pilot. The author writes about love,...
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