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Nov.5, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 4


In the News

PRESIDENT TILGHMAN has agreed to serve as a founding trustee for a new research university planned to open next fall in Saudi Arabia. The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is being built on the Red Sea north of Jeddah, the country’s...Read more

Reaching out across 25 years

’81 joins ’56 for community-service projects

The Class of 1956, seeking to secure the future of its ReachOut ’56 community-service initiatives, has reached across the generations to join ranks with members of the Class of 1981. The partnership, called ReachOut 56-81, hopes to build on past successes,...Read more
Working on the Aphasia Project are Professor Perry Cook and graduate students Xiaojuan Ma, left, and Sonya Nikolova.

Breaking ground - Computer Science

People who have suffered a stroke or brain injury often encounter difficulty speaking, writing, reading, and understanding speech — a disorder known as aphasia. The loss of spoken and written language can leave an otherwise cognizant person unable to do...Read more
John R. Bolton

Lecture Circuit

John R. Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, in an Oct. 13 speech at Robertson Hall. Bolton noted the effectiveness of voluntarily funded U.N. initiatives such as the World Food Program, UNICEF, and the Office of the High Commissioner for...Read more

Campus alcohol violations jump

The number of students facing University disciplinary action after being cited for liquor-law violations increased sixfold during 2007, a sign of Princeton’s increasing concern about high-risk drinking. Judicial referrals increased from 21 2005 and 20...Read more

Endowment gains in 07-08, then takes a slide

The University’s endowment generated a 5.6 percent return on investments in the 2008 fiscal year, reaching $16.4 billion on June 30, the year’s close. But in market terms, June 30 is a long time ago. In the first 3 1/2 months of the current fiscal year, the...Read more

Jellyfish studies lead to Nobel

Osamu Shimomura, a researcher in Princeton’s biology department from 1960 to 1982, was named a winner of the Nobel Prize in chemistry Oct. 8 for a discovery he made while working at the University. Shimomura was one of three scientists who shared the...Read more
Professor Paul Krugman beams during a Woodrow Wilson School reception celebrating his Nobel Prize.

Krugman: Nobel in economics

Well-known for his New York Times commentary, professor is cited for his research on global trade

Looking somewhat sheepish before a packed press conference Oct. 13 in Robertson Hall, economist Paul Krugman accepted the congratulations of friends, students, and colleagues as the recipient of the 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. A...Read more
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