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Dec.17, 2008

Vol. 109, No. 6

Members of Princeton’s Student Naval Training Corps march on campus. From the Princeton Bric-a-Brac published in 1919.

Why Princeton was spared

The University lost no one in the deadly 1918 flu pandemic, providing lessons to consider 90 years later

Sometime on Thursday, Sept. 5, 1918, a young man enrolled in the Navy paymaster’s school on Princeton’s campus reported sick with an upper respiratory infection. At the height of World War I, much of the campus had been transformed into a military camp; the...Read more
Manav Lalwani ’09 takes part in the celebration of Diwali in November. It was the first time a Hindu festival was celebrated in the Chapel.

Keeping the faith

In a seat of secular learning, religious observance thrives

The University Chapel is an awe-inspiring building, big and beautiful enough to make even a godless heathen wonder if it’s not time to start hedging his bets. It occupies an honored place at the center of campus, just as it did when it opened 80 years ago...Read more
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