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Jan. 28, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 7


 "For a long time I didn't know what to call myself," Nathan Myhrvold *83 says. "These days I put 'inventor.' "

Inventing the future

The very cool world of Nathan Myhrvold *83

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

Nathan Myhrvold *83 has one of the premier résumés of the digital age. He didn’t merely work in software; he founded Microsoft Research and spent 13 years as an all-purpose sage and eccentric genius at the side of Bill Gates.   He didn’t merely study physics...Read more

From Princeton labs to you

How today’s research could change the way you drive home, and more

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

From communications to medicine and structural design to transportation, Princeton researchers pursue projects that one day could transform aspects of daily life. Here, PAW profiles seven examples of work taking place at the University.Read more

Princeton preview

What’s next on the agenda

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

  The future of Princeton looks bleak. A steady buildup of helium ash at the sun’s core will slowly increase its luminosity, along with the amount of radiation it gives off. That, scientists believe, could dry up the earth’s surface water, including the...Read more

A new chapter for libraries

Humanists ponder what will become of libraries in the digital age

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

Woodrow Wilson School professor Stanley N. Katz went to Congress in the late 1980s with a modest proposal: Why not allocate a billion dollars to digitize the contents of the nation’s academic libraries?   “People just laughed at me,” says Katz. “They thought...Read more
 Princetonians, clockwise from top left: Mohsin Hamid ’93, Raymond Arsenault ’69, John Bogle ’51, Josh Kornbluth ’80, Bruce A. Yankner ’76, Anne-Marie Slaughter ’80, Danielle S. Allen ’93, and Ruth Gais *74

Dear Mr. President

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

Barack Obama has not asked for PAW’s advice on how to begin his administration — though he has chosen several Princeton alumni as top advisers. But good counsel comes from all quarters, and so PAW sought the ideas of alumni with different backgrounds and...Read more

Feminism – whatever that means

The vote. Political clout. The “first dude.” What’s next?

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

Professor emerita Elaine Showalter is the author of A Jury of Her Peers, a literary history of American women writers from 1650 to the present, which will be published next month. In an interview after the presidential election, Gov. Sarah Palin reflected on...Read more

A moment with ... Eric Lander ’78

Published in the Jan. 28, 2009, issue

Geneticist Eric Lander ’78 studied math, not biology, as an undergraduate. But after earning a D.Phil. from Oxford in mathematics as a Rhodes scholar, and teaching economics at Harvard Business School, he was captivated by genetics. He audited a biology...Read more
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Listen to Princeton students as they offer advice for President Obama.