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Mar.4, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 9

Cover Story
Frank Deford in his garage, which documents stories he has covered over almost 50 years.

More than the game

In writing about sports, Frank Deford ’61 tells stories about life

By Brett Tomlinson

The office in Frank Deford ’61’s suburban Connecticut home seems fitting for one of sports journalism’s most decorated writers. Handsome bronze horses — awards for stories about thoroughbred racing — double as bookends at the front of a wide wooden...

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The envelope, please ...

Inspired by the Oscars, PAW has searched out Princetonians of screen, stage, and television who have captured awards, nominations, and our affections.

Published in the Mar.4, 2009, issue

Here's our list, complete with as many campus-era photos as we could find: Wentworth Miller ’95: Actor • Mark Feuerstein ’93: Actor • Eugene Jarecki ’91: Filmmaker Dean Cain ’88: Actor • Brooke Shields ’87: Actor, producer • Andrew Jarecki ’85:...Read more

A sobering view from Nassau Hall

Published in the Mar.4, 2009, issue

With a 25 percent drop projected for 2008–09, Princeton’s endowment may need more than a decade of steady gains to return to its June 2008 value of $16.3 billion, according to Provost Christopher Eisgruber ’83. Fewer resources will mean significant changes in...Read more

Hating Uncle Sam

A Princeton class dissects the causes of anti-Americanism and what can be done about them.

Published in the Mar.4, 2009, issue

Why do they hate us? Americans have asked that question about the world at least since the beginning of the Cold War, sometimes plaintively and sometimes peevishly, but never more pointedly than since the opening of the war in Iraq. “Why do they hate us?”...Read more
Megan Van Beusekom '04 is training in USA Hockey's Blaine, Minn., residency program.

Skating toward Vancouver

Keady ’08 and Van Beusekom ’04 vie for Olympic spots

Published in the Mar.4, 2009, issue

Lizzie Keady ’08 has been close to playing in the Olympics before. Keady, a star on the women’s ice hockey team during her years at Princeton, played 16 games with the U.S. national team in 2005, during a one-year break from Princeton. Nearing Christmas that...Read more
Newest profile: March 11
Professor Alan B. Krueger is named assistant treasury secretary for economic policy.
Tiger of the Week:
'24' producer Howard Gordon ’84
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Read excerpts from Frank Deford '61's PAW columns and links to memorable stories from Sports Illustrated.
Facing the hookup culture
Princeton needs to do more to support students who want "unpressured, chaste, romantic relationships," professors Robert P. George and John B. Londregan say.
Dealing with anti-Americanism
A Wilson School task force spent a semester analyzing the issue. Read their 28-page report to the new administration.
Web Exclusives
The inauguration: an unticketed view
In words and photos, veteran journalist Chris Connell '71 offers his perspective from the National Mall.
Gregg Lange '70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Professor John Wheeler, a towering figure in physics, and the Nobel Prize he never won.
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