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Mar.18, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 10

Learning perspectives

In response to: Perspective

By Bob VanWagoner ’44

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

I found the article “Eight Miles” by Susan Danoff ’75 (Perspective, Feb. 11) one of the most remarkable and well-written articles I’ve come across in quite a while. It is a superb story, well told, with the “perspectives” it sought. And I expect it will be a long time before I...

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A life in biology

In response to: The Darwin of Guyot Hall

By Alan J. Kohn ’53

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

I much appreciated W. Barksdale Maynard ’88’s thoughtful and timely article on Professor E. Grant Conklin. I knew well Conklin’s pioneering contributions to embryology, but not of his championing of evolutionary biology during crucial times. The article rekindled pleasant...

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Remembering Conklin

In response to: The Darwin of Guyot Hall

By James D. Sheppard ’50

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Thanks for W. Barksdale Maynard ’88’s fine article, “The Darwin of Guyot Hall” (feature, Feb. 11). On the evening of Feb. 25, 1949, I walked from my dormitory to Broadmead. In one of my courses, Economics 326, the instructor had prepared a survey and told me to choose any...

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Tomorrow's libraries

In response to: A new chapter for libraries

By Amelia R. Brown ’99

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Your excellent article about building tomorrow’s library and renovating Firestone (feature, Jan. 28) revealed much about current library culture and the vital need for thoughtful progress, not to an all-digital era, but to a long-term balance of permanent (paper, archival) and...

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More to consider in 'Looking Ahead'

In response to: Features

By Jim Newcomer ’57

Published in the March18, 2009 issue

Curious that your focus on the future (special issue, Jan. 28) was based on the same premise as any Buck Rogers dreamscape of the 1930s: Technology will grow ever more clever and continue to amaze us all! Things will be like today, only multiplied exponentially. Progress will...

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