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Apr.1, 2009

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StellaLandis *07

Stemming violence in New Orleans

In late 2006, violence in New Orleans was spiraling out of control. The solidarity that had prevailed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina had given way to a rash of murders. After two people Stella Landis *07 knew were killed within a week of each...

DeannaFord '03

Saving kids from a trash dump

Pictured: Deanna Ford ’03 founded a nonprofit organization that helps children who scavenge plastic and metal from Managua’s dump. (Photo courtesy Deanna Ford ’03) The trash dump known as La Chureca is one of the harshest places in Managua,...

DennisWhittle *86

Connecting donors and projects

Dennis Whittle *86 (left) founded GlobalGiving, called an eBay for international aid. (Photo Courtesy Globalgiving) If you saw the movie Slumdog Millionaire and wondered how you could improve the lives of the homeless children that the film...

DarwinCurtis '48

An advocate for solar cooking

When Darwin Curtis ’48’s son traveled to South America in the 1980s to buy wood for his business — making musical instruments — he would get upset that local residents had to cut down forests just to have fuel for cooking. “He heard about...

HannahSchein '96

Going undercover for animal rights

If you viewed a recent People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) video of workers stomping on turkeys’ heads at a plant in West Virginia, you might think twice about eating turkey at Thanksgiving. One of the individuals behind planning...
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