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Apr.1, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 11

Worrisome investing

In response to: In the News

By Tad LaFountain ’72

Published in the April1, 2009 issue

PAW unfortunately reused the University’s term “sold” when describing the issuance of $1 billion in long-term taxable bonds (Notebook, Feb. 11). While not technically inaccurate, “sold” also could mean that bonds held in the portfolio were redeployed into equities that have...

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Promoting global citizenship

By Giuliano Caldo ’91 *94

Published in the April1, 2009 issue

The goals of Aspire are commendable and truly “modern,” in its most positive and lofty connotation. “Global citizenship,” in particular, is focused on making the world accessible to Princeton students. Important though this goal is, however, in my non-U.S. perspective this is...

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Communicating Aspire

By Bob Podolsky ’85

Published in the April1, 2009 issue

I was dismayed to see the University misquoting, and thereby misusing, Darwin to kick off its Aspire campaign (with a biologist at the helm, and on Darwin’s 200th birthday to boot). His seminal message about adaptation referred to species (not individuals) that are most...

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Curing anti-Americanism

In response to: Hating Uncle Sam

By Randy Hobler ’68

Published in the April1, 2009 issue

Re “Hating Uncle Sam” (feature, March 4) on the causes of anti-Americanism: Of course, the solution is not in words, but in actions. Here’s a starter list: • Require that every U.S. ambassador be at least a 20-year veteran of the Foreign Service and be fluent in the language of...

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The astronomer's view

In response to: The cosmic apocalypse

By Axel Kunzmann ’64

Published in the April1, 2009 issue

Although it is not likely that I will be personally affected whether either of the current leading theories about the end of the universe is correct (cover story, Feb. 11), I was interested to read about the Atacama Cosmology Telescope in Chile. In her memoir My Invented...

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