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Apr.22, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 12

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A farewell song

A farewell song

By Laura Fitzpatrick ’08

Posted on Aug.12, 2008

In April the editors of PAW received a letter from Herbert S. Bailey Jr. ’42, recalling his classmates’ optimism as they graduated into World War II. One senior, Bailey wrote, captured the mood in a song he composed that spring for Theatre...

Web exclusive: Final days on campus bring together graduating seniors

By Jocelyn Hanamirian '08

Posted on Aug.7, 2008

Air conditioning was blasting in our van of nine senior women, cooling the Santa Fe, N.M., scenery that passed by as we sang along to our mix CD. Just days earlier, we had been leafing...

Web Exclusive: May relay creates competition, collegiality

By Melinda Baldwin GS

Posted on Aug.4, 2008

One spring day in 1976, graduate students and faculty members in the Rutgers mathematics department challenged their Princeton counterparts to a 25-mile relay race on the first Sunday in May, ...
Broomball sweeps campus; new upperclass meal options

Broomball sweeps campus; new upperclass meal options

By Julia Osellame ’09

Posted on July30, 2008

As the men’s and women’s hockey teams don’t grace the ice with their skates, other students crowd onto Baker Rink with their sneakers and sweatpants, ready to enter competition that pits friend against friend...
Sitcom offers a lighter view of campus life

Sitcom offers a lighter view of campus life

By Julia Osellame ’09

Posted on July22, 2008

Frat parties, dirty laundry, and long-distance relationships. Can’t get enough of college life? A new sitcom airing on the Princeton Student Television Network promises to fill that void. Sophomores Jeremy Kent,...
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