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May 13, 2009

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Katrina Browne ’89 at Cape Coast Castle, Ghana, in a room where slave-ship captains, including her ancestors, negotiated to purchase Africans.

Filming a family’s legacy

Katrina Browne ’89 uncovers her ties to the slave trade

When Katrina Browne ’89’s grandmother gave her a short family history she had written in 1996, Browne faced an ugly truth: The DeWolfs of Bristol, R.I., had been the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history. That discovery led Browne to make the...Read more
David Miller ’50 is the host and producer of a weekly radio program, “Swingin’ Down the Lane with David Miller.”

Keeping big-band sounds alive

David Miller ’50 celebrates 25 years on the air

Since he was an 8-year-old listening to the big-band nightly radio program “Make-Believe Ballroom” out of New York City, David Miller ’50 has been drawn to the big-band sound of the swing era, featuring vocalists such as Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald and...Read more
In a book that is part memoir, part science journalism, Susan Barry *81 describes her struggles with vision.

Rewiring the brain

Susan Barry *81 explains the science that allowed her to see in 3-D

Susan (Feinstein) Barry *81 never understood why other children loved that classic American toy, the View-Master. Not until a college neurobiology lesson on the development of the visual system did she realize that she lacked something most people take for...Read more

Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band

(Grigri) CHERYL TERWILLIGER ’92   plays trumpet in the D.C.-based Chopteeth, a 14-piece Afrofunk orchestra that explores the “common groove” between West African and American popular music. The sound is Afrobeat: a big-band funk invented by Fela Kuti in...Read more

Sleeping Beauty Wakes

(PS Classics) The album for the concert-musical-theater project created by GrooveLily’s VALERIE VIGODA ’87 (vocals and electric violin), Brendan Milburn (vocals and keyboard), and GENE LEWIN ’84 (drums and vocals) features the trio playing various roles in...Read more

Blessings — Anthony Branker & Ascent

(Origin Records). Composer ANTHONY BRANKER ’80 leads the jazz collective Ascent on the group’s second album. The music brings together the sensibilities of Brazilian, Cuban, and African musical traditions along with a variety of jazz influences and the sounds...Read more

Ménage à Twang

This debut album by the all-girl camp country trio — Emily Moore ’99, Jessica Del Vecchio ’99, and Rachel Levy — features three-part harmonies and acoustic guitars. The Brooklyn-based indie band, Ménage à Twang, sings about the challenges women face...Read more
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First Things When

By Robert Rehder '57 *70

(Carcanet) In this collection of poems, the author meditates on the power of snow, rootless places in modern society such as malls, a culture slipping away, and the illusory communities that have developed through technology....

Blue Boy

By Rakesh Satyal '02

(Kensington) In this debut novel, Kiran Sharma, a 12-year-old Indian-American living in suburban Cincinnati, doesn’t fit in with other Indian children or   his classmates at school. He likes ballet and dolls and putting on his...
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