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May13, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 13

Peter Yorck ’10 with other ROTC cadets during field-training exercises March 28 at Fort Dix. At rear center is Lt. Col. John Stark, ROTC commander.

ROTC seeks course credit

New commander challenges University’s stance

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

Though top administrators have acted more warmly toward Princeton’s ROTC program in recent years, the program’s new commander, Lt. Col. John Stark, insists that the University merely “tolerates” ROTC and has reneged on a decades-old agreement to give...Read more
Peter Orszag '91

Answering Obama’s call: Tigers in Washington

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

The economy may be in the dumps and Americans may be in a funk, but for a sizable band of Princetonians, the start of the Obama administration has been exhilarating. “There is an electricity,” said Dallas C. Brown III ’78, a career military officer who was...Read more
Ban Ki-moon

U.N. official: ‘Toxic’ issues need global response

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

The U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, kicked off the Woodrow Wilson School’s annual colloquium on global challenges April 17, describing a “toxic mix” of problems confronting the world and warning: “Absent decisive action at this time, I’m afraid that we...Read more

Lecture Circuit

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

Dorit Beinisch, president of the Supreme Court of Israel, speaking April 16 in Dodds Auditorium on “Defending Human Rights in Times of Terror.” Read more

FYI - Findings: SAT-free

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

Making the SAT optional in college admissions — or dropping it entirely — would help black, Latino, and economically disadvantaged applicants significantly, according to a recent study by sociology professor Thomas Espenshade *72 and Chang Young Chung of the...Read more
As part of its 40th-reunion “Magical Mystery Tour,” the CLASS OF 1969 is hosting an afternoon of magic performances, open to all reuners, in Dod-McCormick Courtyard at 2 p.m. Friday.

Reunions 2009: Jobs, economy in the spotlight

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

The Alumni Council Careers Conference has been a fixture on the Reunions calendar for nearly a decade, and this year, against a backdrop of economic uncertainty, alumni are taking a keen interest in the event’s theme: “How to Tune Up Your Career in a Down...Read more

On the right track

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

What started as a Princeton computer-science project has become one of the top 10 navigation applications for Apple’s iPhone. Last spring, Adam Ernst ’10, Dzhelil Rufat ’08, Mark Limperis ’10, and Paul Cavallaro ’10 created iTrans, an iPhone program designed...Read more

In the News

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

PILLOW FIGHT! Cushions and pillows of all shapes and sizes were pressed into battle April 17 by dozens of students on the lawn outside Frist Campus Center. The pillow fight lasted about 15 minutes; no casualties were reported. With a sharp increase in...Read more

In memoriam

Published in the May13, 2009, issue

NORMAN J. SOLLENBERGER, a longtime member of the engineering faculty, died of heart failure April 8 in Princeton. He was 96. Sollenberger, a faculty member from 1941 to 1946 and from 1952 to 1980, was praised for his mentoring of students and younger...Read more
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