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July 15, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 16

Cover Story
The Class of 1944 honors members who were killed in World War II.

Reunions 2009

By Katherine Federici Greenwood, photographs by Beverly Schaefer and Frank Wojciechowski

Herb Hobler ’44 has attended every one of his reunions save for 1945, when the event wasn’t held. Twenty-two of his classmates never had the opportunity to return; they died during World War II. So Hobler, class president and reunion chairman, devoted...

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Seeking financial stability in an uncertain economy

University begins review of investment strategy

Published in the July 15, 2009, issue

President Tilghman told alumni at Reunions that Princeton was likely to end the fiscal year June 30 with a 25 percent decrease in the value of its endowment, which was $16.3 billion a year earlier.   In April, Tilghman had said the University was planning for...Read more
Meaghan Petersack ’08 with her kindergarten students in Washington, D.C.

Teaching for America

Young alumni provide a lifeline for poor schools — and get a lesson in humility

Published in the July 15, 2009, issue

  NEW ORLEANS — Well before the first bell rings at Walter L. Cohen High School, Emily Farley ’08 bustles around her classroom — the one with the black-and-orange PRINCETON 2008 banner on the back wall — writing the day’s “agenda” for her freshman math and...Read more

Stories from the front: Alumni share their wartime experiences

Published in the July 15, 2009, issue

PAW invited alumni to share their accounts of a memorable wartime experience. Their responses follow, ranging from the dramatic rescue of a group of French schoolchildren to a “mini-reunion” in a cold tent in Korea. If you would like to share an experience,...Read more
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Jed Nightingale wrote "If Princeton is considering removing Wilson's name from various buildings on account of his racist..." in response to Wilson Revisited

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View videos of mathematician John Conway's lectures on free will, with a brief commentary on each one.
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Alumni describe Sonia Sotomayor '76's years on campus.
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Reactivating regional associations from Brazil to the Netherlands.
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