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July15, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 16

Alumni pride

By Bob Barber ’71

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

When I first learned, during the campaign, that Michelle Obama ’85 is a Princeton grad, I finally felt I had a reason to be proud of my alma mater. Now that I’ve learned William Greider ’58 (A Moment With, May 13) and Sonia Sotomayor ’76 are also alums, I’ve got two more reasons.

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A tribute to Ritchie '34

In response to: From the Editor

By Joe Bolster ’52

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

PAW editor Marilyn Marks *86’s excellent report (editor’s letter, June 10) on the remarkable work of class secretary Ralph Ritchie ’34 prompts me to tell another story about Ralph. For most of his 21 years in the Princeton administration, he was secretary for class agents in the...

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Respect and consent

In response to: Debating sexual ethics

By Brian Zack ’72, M.D.

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

In response to Professors George and Londregan (letters, June 10), I am happy to reiterate my support for their proposal “that Princeton should establish a center to support students who seek to lead chaste lives.” I am at a bit of a loss, however, at their finding my support to...

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Fireworks at Reunions

By Dorothy Bedford ’78

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

As the executive producer of the Reunions lawn concert and fireworks, I was very surprised to hear both a buzz around the tent circuit that future fireworks are to be canceled, and outrage that the University would proceed with such an expensive extravagance in a time of dire...

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Making ends meet

By Robert W. Koehn ’94

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

While reading President Tilghman’s column (President’s Page, June 10) regarding “The New Normal” and noting our need to overspend our endowment in the “short term” and identify $88 million of cost savings to make ends meet, I couldn’t help but think about how useful the $80...

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