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July15, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 16

Yak story omitted alumnus' name

In response to: In the Republic of Vermont

By Arthur R. Boone ’60

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

Robert Coyle Williams was Rob Williams ’89’s father and a member of the Class of 1960; he died several years ago. Sorry he wasn’t mentioned in the article (feature, June 10). Not a big thing, but I’m sure Rob’s mother would have been happy to see her husband’s name in the PAW.

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Another product for yak farmers

In response to: In the Republic of Vermont

By John Eliassen ’57

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

As the husband of an avid knitter, I know that yak fur can be spun into a specialty yarn. The lack of any mention of Rob and Kate Williams ’89 taking advantage of this product (feature, June 10) was disappointing. I guess the yak-farming lead is just an attention-getter for the...

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Multicultural events at the Chapel

In response to: Glorifying religious diversity

By Alan D. Franklin ’43 *50

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

I was disturbed by the letter of R.H. van Fossen Jr. ’63 (Feb. 11), with its implied claims to universal Truth. I should, in the interest of full disclosure, state that I am a secular humanist concerned with maintaining religious values but without supernatural claims. As...

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Debating Taiwan's independence

In response to: China and Taiwan

By Ronald Chen ’90

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

In response to George Costow ’04 (letters, June 10), I have no idea how his remarks contribute to the discussion of Taiwan’s independence. My original letter was an argument against Thomas Corwin ’62’s statement (letters, March 4) that “Taiwan’s independence can make no sense.”...

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A tale of two justices

In response to: Sotomayor '76 recalled as activist for Latino causes at Princeton

By Charles S. Rockey Jr. ’57

Published in the July15, 2009 issue

All Princetonians should be proud that Judge Sonia Sotomayor ’76 (Notebook, July 15) has been confirmed for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. It is interesting to note that she has received an honorary degree from Princeton and current Justice Samuel Alito ’72 has not. It’s also...

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