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July15, 2009

Vol. 109, No. 16

In response to letters in PAW

March 13, 2008 letters

Published in the March19, 2008 issue

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Cultural insensitivity

In response to: Theorists vs. hands-on activists

By Ronald H. Fischer *67 p’92

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

In a June 11 letter to PAW, criticizing an article about Randall Kennedy ’77, the Rev. George A. Bates ’76 cites other individuals who in his mind better exemplify “courage and compassion” and stand up for “truth.” If Rev. Bates is interested in truth, two of the people he...

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Serve with conscience

By Alan McKenney '75

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

Regarding the selection of Donald Rumsfeld ’54 to the list of “most influential alumni”: While I share Thomas F. Schiavoni ’72’s dismay (Letters, April 2) at Mr. Rumsfeld’s policies and consider them both a political and a moral disaster, I don’t feel that they disqualify him...

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Benefits of a year off

By Willard Dalrymple, M.D.

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

A letter in the April 23 issue by my friend Harvey Rothberg ’49 comments on a current proposal to create a “bridge-year” program for students admitted to Princeton to spend a year abroad before starting their freshman year. In 1965, my colleagues at the University Health...

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Set recyling goal higher

By Arthur R. Boone '60

Published in the June11, 2008 issue

I have been a professional recycler since 1983. For Princeton create a goal of a 50 percent recycling rate for 2012 (Notebook, March 19) is a travesty. Depending on the method used calculate recycling, businesses today routinely are producing 80...

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