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Oct.7, 2009

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From the Editor

Published in the October7, 2009, issue

Alex Wilson ’03 at Camp Taji, Iraq, before he was injured.
Courtesy Alex Wilson ’03
Alex Wilson ’03 at Camp Taji, Iraq, before he was injured.

PAW first heard about Alex Wilson ’03 early in the summer of 2007, shortly after he was seriously injured in the war in Iraq. At the time, little was known about his injury or prognosis. We later learned that a roadside bomb had taken part of his leg.

As his friends built careers, Wilson had a more daunting challenge: learning to walk, then run, then create a life that didn’t quite fit his original plan. Two years later, it appears he has succeeded on all counts, as PAW contributor E.B. Boyd ’89 demonstrates in an article that begins on page 16.

Each year, Princeton sends a small number of new graduates to the military. Twelve members of the Class of 2009 — 1.1 percent of the class — joined, according to a survey by Career Services. More than two dozen ROTC alumni have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other graduates have enlisted.

One of those was Graham E. Phillips ’05, the class salutatorian, who wrote about his decision to join the Army in PAW. We checked back with him in September, almost a year after he returned from Iraq. He plans to attend law school under the G.I. Bill.

Though Phillips was unhappy with some aspects of the Army, he says strong friendships with other soldiers made up for them. He continues: “My time in the Army was most satisfying in a very personal, internal way: For the rest of my life I get to know that I really did give it my all, that I literally put my life on the line for my country, that I faced such extreme challenges and came out stronger than before. My time in the Army was not always fun, but it has allowed me to put many things in their proper perspective and has removed the possibility that 40 years from now I’ll sit and think, “If only I had ...”

Marilyn H. Marks *86

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Frencey Wilson Says:

2009-11-20 13:48:31

Great report on this fine soldier who happens to be my nephew. Additional challenges face this wonderful young man as he continues in his search for excellence despite being wounded. Any Tigers out there that can help us overcome these problems which relate to benefits? Please let us know. Frencey Wilson, 720 Jackson Street, Gary, In. 46407, 219 885-2501; Angie T. Wilson, 83 Red Maple, Saugerties, NY 845 247-0496; Kathleen Trees, 17 Manor Lane, Saugerties, NY, 845 246-6945. We so much look forward to hearing from any Tiger who in the proud collegiality that is so Princeton will help a Tiger in need. Thank you, Frencey Wilson
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