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Oct.21, 2009

Vol. 110, No. 3


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George Wishart Creighton '36

George, son of Joseph '07 and brother of John '32, died on May 17, 2002, at the U. of Virginia Hospital Charlottesville. At the time of his death, George was living...

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Thomas T. Crenshaw Jr. '31

Tom PASSED away Aug. 19, 1993, in Naples, Fla his home since retirement. Tom prepared at Culver Military Academy. While at Princeton, he was a member of the lacrosse...

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Leo P. Crespi *42

Leo P. Crespi, who spent 32 years directing public-opinion research for the U.S. Information Agency, died July 8, 2008. He was 91. Crespi graduated summa cum laude from...

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Donaldson Cresswell '24

Donaldson Cresswell died on Nov. 18, 1989. Don prepared at St. Luke's School; after graduation he studied law at Penn. He was executive V.P. of Philadelphia Saving Fund...

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Charles John Cretors '34

Bud Cretors died June 16, 2006; he was 94. He ran his family's business, C. Cretors and Co., in Chicago from soon after World War II as the company's third-generation...

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