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Nov. 4, 2009

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Christopher Fülling '90

Arts thrive in restored Italian monastery

Christopher Fülling ’90 founded the Art Monastery, which operates out of a restored 14th-century Franciscan monastery in Labro, Italy. (Photo courtesy Christopher Fülling ’90)   Christopher Fülling ’90 sleeps in a room once used by a monk, and...

Brooks Poley '55

Finding a treatment for glaucoma

Brooks Poley ’55, a retired ophthalmologist, says that replacing the eye’s natural lens with an artificial one can prevent the onset of glaucoma. (Photo courtesy Brooks Poley ’55) Brooks Poley ’55 had been retired for 11 years — and had...

Elizabeth Hodes '99

Creating edible art

One of Elizabeth Hodes ’99's edible creations that adorned a cake. (Courtesy Elizabeth Hodes ’99) Works of art by Elizabeth Hodes ’99 are not installed in galleries or museums. They wouldn’t last. And they aren’t meant to — hers is a...

Majel Connery '01

Expanding the definition of ‘opera’

Majel Connery ’01, rear, played the socialist Rosa Luxemburg in her opera company’s latest production. (Photo: Lara Kastner) Although Majel Connery ’01 calls the experimental company of artists she co-founded Opera Cabal, its productions often...

 Classical instruments rock

Members of the Brooklyn-based Miracles of Modern Science: front, Kieran Ledwidge ’08, violin; standing, from left,   Josh Hirshfeld ’08, mandolin; Evan Younger ’08, double bass; Tyler Pines ’09, drums; and Geoff McDonald ’07, cello. (Photo:...

Matt Ahart '99

Keeping in touch with grandma

Matt Ahart ’99 co-founded Sunnygram, which turns e-mails and images into a weekly newsletter. (Photo courtesy Matt Ahart ’99) When Matt Ahart ’99 moved east for college it became harder to keep in touch with his grandmother. She couldn’t hear...

Robert Choeff *98 and Krystyan Keck   *98

The house that Choeff and Keck built

Venice, Calif., is known for pushing boundaries, but the home that Robert Choeff *98 and Krystyan Keck *98 designed for themselves stands out even in a city with bold works by modern architects like Frank Gehry, the Los Angeles Times wrote last...

Steve Sliwa '77 and Tad McGeer '79 

Protecting sailors and soldiers in hot spots

At left, Steve Sliwa ’77, president of Insitu, with the ScanEagle, a robotic plane; below, Tad McGeer ’79, Insitu founder, with his dogs, Charlie, Moesha, and Axel. People across the nation were riveted when pirates took Capt. Richard...

Christina Gelsone '96

A clown and street performer, Christina Gelsone ’96 has performed in trouble spots including Afghanistan and the Balkans. (Photo courtesy Christina Gelsone ’96) For Christina Gelsone ’96’s most recent assignment in Hangzhou, China, she wore...

Brian Bonnyman  '85

Providing medical care to the poor

Last January, Dr. Brian Bonnyman ’85 left his suburban private practice in Knoxville, Tenn., to take care of uninsured and low-income patients in a community health center. (Photo courtesy Brian Bonnyman ’85) When Brian Bonnyman ’85, a family...

Stephania  Bell '87

Real-world tips, for fantasy sports

Stephania Bell ’87 is ESPN’s injury analyst. (Photo: Michael Nagle) The NFL’s opening Sunday was a busy workday for Stephania Bell ’87, ESPN’s injury analyst. She started her morning with an online chat, helping fantasy football team owners...

Michael deCamp '49

Diving for decades to the ocean floor

Michael deCamp ’49 holds a plaque he recovered from the Varanger, a Norwegian tanker sunk in 1942 by U-boats, in a photo from the mid-1970s. (photo courtesy Michael deCamp ’49) In a recent dive off the coast of North Carolina, Michael deCamp...

Una McCann '80

Alleviating the effects of trauma

Psychiatrist Una McCann ’80 is conducting research to improve treatment and diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo courtesy Una McCann '80) The mechanic is a patient of psychiatrist Una McCann ’80, who for 20 years has been...
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