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Nov.18, 2009

Vol. 111, No. 5

The investment portfolio Princeton needs

By Paul Hutter ’76

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

This is a detailed response to key passages from President Tilghman’s Sept. 29, 2009, letter to the University community. “... [T]he exercise of reviewing virtually everything we do for cost-savings and efficiencies has strengthened us as a University. There were things we were...

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The birth of Campus Club

In response to: 'Meet me at Campus Club ...'

By Edgar M. Buttenheim ’44

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

Your item on the rebirth of Campus Club (On the Campus, Oct. 7) causes me to share old history. My uncle, Dr. Howard Voorhees 1902, entered Princeton from nearby New Brunswick, but not from a prep school of prestige. At club-calling time he was rejected by all clubs, along with...

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In support of Israel

By Frank Schaffer ’45

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

As I write this letter, television and newspapers are reporting widespread violence to Israel throughout the Middle East after the release of the U.N. anti-Israel Gladstone report. Jeremy Ben-Ami ’84, in his interview (A Moment With, Oct. 7), never mentions that the Palestinian...

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A toast to alumni chefs

By Rich Bazarian ’82

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

What a delight to receive PAW’s food issue (Nov. 19, 2008)! I had no idea that Bar Lola, located here in Portland, Maine, is owned and operated by Princetonians.The dining experience provided by Chef Guy Hernandez ’88 and his wife, Stella Poulis Hernandez ’88, is superb in a...

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A refreshing voice

In response to: A moment with...

By Herman F. Froeb ’46

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

It is refreshing to read the interview of Jeremy Ben-Ami ’84 (A Moment With, Oct. 7), the founder of J Street, a lobbying group 180 degrees opposite to the Israel lobby, which is the most powerful next to the N.R.A. in Washington. In this interview, he is right on that there...

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