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Nov.18, 2009

Vol. 111, No. 5

For the record

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

A memorial for William Morse Oman ’34 in the Oct. 7, 2009, issue listed his middle name incorrectly.

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Speak up about clubs

By Robert K. Durkee ’69

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

A task force composed of students, faculty, staff, and alumni has been asked to spend this academic year reviewing the relationships between the University and the eating clubs and to examine whether there are steps that can and should be taken to strengthen those relationships...

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A naive point of view

In response to: A moment with...

By Mark R. Disler ’74

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

Jeremy Ben-Ami ’84’s belief “that the single greatest threat to the future of Israel as a democratic home for the Jewish people is the failure to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians” (A Moment with, Oct. 7) is naive. A just resolution of this conflict in a manner that...

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Recalling Bill Selden '34

In response to: From the Editor

By Art Tebbutt ’58

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

The passing of Bill Selden ’34 (From the Editor, Oct. 21) chopped into my daily routine and prompted my first letter to PAW. As the son of a professor/dean of the graduate school at Northwestern University, more than once I opened our door and took coats from Selden and his...

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Praise for PAW

In response to: Continuing straight ahead

By Redwood Wright ’50

Published in the November18, 2009 issue

Congratulations on a superb issue of PAW (Oct. 7). The cover story on Alex Wilson is excellent, but I was even more taken by some of the shorter items. First, President Tilghman’s advice to the entering freshmen was pithy, powerful, and profound. It will be hard to top in 2010!...

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