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Dec.9, 2009

Vol. 110, No. 6

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Mobilizing Youth: Communists and Catholics in Interwar France

By Susan B. Whitney ’84

(Duke University Press) In Mobilizing Youth , Whitney explains how the Communist and Catholic youth movements came to the forefront of French politics in the two...

Plant Light and Las Vegas: 14 Experimental Stories

By Wain Ewing ’68

(Xlibris) Most of these 14 experimental fictions, interweaving transparently realistic and fantastically opaque elements, have appeared in small press publications...

Hybrid Organizations: New Business Models for Environmental Leadership

By Brewster Boyd, Nina Henning ’96, Emily Reyna, Daniel E. Wang, and Matthew D. Welch

(Greenleaf Publishing) This book shows how “hybrid organizations,” companies that operate in the blurry space between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, are...

The First American Women Architects

By Sarah Allaback ’88

(University of Illinois Press) The author traces the lives and careers of more than 70 pioneering female architects practicing in the United States during the late...

The Divine Farce

By Michael S.A. Graziano ’89 *96

(Leapfrog Press) Locked together in a tiny cell, three people grow intimately close, even loving, in this allegorical interrogation of human existence. When the...

River of Tears: Country Music, Memory, and Modernity in Brazil

By Alexander Sebastian Dent ’93

(Duke University Press) In this ethnographic account, Dent describes the production and reception of Brazilian country music, and explains why the genre experienced tremendous...

Ultra: I Was There

By Landis Gores ’39

(Lulu Publishing) An American intelligence officer during WWII, Landis Gores worked for the code and cipher service of British Military Intelligence (MI). During...

Sounding Out

Anna Rubin *00’s new composition, “Shards of Sappho,” is included on the DVD Sounding Out (Everglade Records), featuring computer-generated works by lesbian composers. Inspired by Sappho, the ancient Greek poet, Rubin has woven together quotations in English...
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