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Jan.13, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 7

For the record

Published in the January13, 2010 issue

The return on investment of Princeton’s endowment declined by 23.5 percent in the year ending June 30; during that period, the dollar value of the endowment declined 22.7 percent. A feature in the Dec. 9 issue reported that the endowment declined by 23.5 percent. The Final Scene...

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From the Archives

In response to: From The Archives

By Donald L. Drakeman *88 p’02

Published in the January13, 2010 issue

Re: “Three Presidents in Sweats” (From the Archives, Oct. 21), here’s the story from the late ’80s. The campus was filled with undergraduates proudly displaying their class consciousness by wearing sweatshirts emblazoned with P’88. As grad students, my wife, Lisa *88, and I...

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What the Gospels say

In response to: Loving one's neighbors

By William K. Mettler ’51

Published in the January13, 2010 issue

Christopher Webber ’53 criticizes Robert Wright ’79 (letters, Nov. 4) for not understanding a passage from the Bible that proves Jesus preached love for everyone. If Mr. Webber believes, as some do, that God had a hand in writing the Bible through his revelations to mankind and...

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Disturbing memories

In response to: Perspective

By Garth Stevenson *71

Published in the January13, 2010 issue

I read with interest the five reminiscences of World War II (Perspective, Nov. 4). I enjoyed the three relating to the European phase of the conflict, but the reminiscences of the war against Japan by Grant K. Goodman ’46 and Frank Bailey ’48 were disturbing. At least Mr. Bailey...

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A High Line connection

In response to: Park with a view

By Henry Posner III ’77

Published in the January13, 2010 issue

There is another Princeton connection with the High Line (Alumni Scene, Sept. 23) — namely, my service as trainmaster at 72nd Street Yard responsible for Conrail’s freight service on Manhattan’s West Side Freight Line in its final years of operation. Recognizing that the line...

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