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Feb. 3, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 8

Jessica Hsu ’10, left, and Eileen Zerba, a senior ­lecturer in ecology and evolutionary biology and director of undergraduate laboratories at the Princeton Environmental Institute, check sensors on top of a green roof of a Butler College dorm.

Can the University meet its environmental goals?

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

If you want to save the planet, think for a minute about the simple plastic cup. Eight or 12 ounces, perhaps emblazoned with a Princeton logo — the University goes through thousands of them each month. It is hard to imagine Reunions or a Prospect Avenue party...Read more

Word freaks

Constrained writing (and other puzzles) for unconstrained freshmen

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

The first written assignment in Lily Akerman ’13’s freshman seminar was to produce a piece of “constrained writing,” and Akerman tackled it with a fervor that could not be explained simply by the fact that she was a first-year student, eager to prove herself....Read more
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