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Feb. 3, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 8


Word freaks

Constrained writing (and other puzzles) for unconstrained freshmen

The first written assignment in Lily Akerman ’13’s freshman seminar was to produce a piece of “constrained writing,” and Akerman tackled it with a fervor that could not be explained simply by the fact that she was a first-year student, eager to prove herself....Read more
Jessica Hsu ’10, left, and Eileen Zerba, a senior ­lecturer in ecology and evolutionary biology and director of undergraduate laboratories at the Princeton Environmental Institute, check sensors on top of a green roof of a Butler College dorm.

Can the University meet its environmental goals?

If you want to save the planet, think for a minute about the simple plastic cup. Eight or 12 ounces, perhaps emblazoned with a Princeton logo — the University goes through thousands of them each month. It is hard to imagine Reunions or a Prospect Avenue party...Read more
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