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Feb. 3, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 8

Above, Renee Hsia ’99 in Rwanda in 1999. Below: Hsia recently working at a clinic in Sanafe, Eritrea.

Princeton-in-Africa turns 10

As program grows, 25 fellows serve in 16 countries

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

Twelve years ago, when Princeton-in-Africa was still only an idea, co-founder and current PiAf board chairman George Hritz ’69 discovered that things have a way of working out. At the time, Hritz, a longtime board member of the International Rescue Committee...Read more

USG survey links race, income to students’ academic, social life

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

The social and academic experiences of Princeton students — and some of the affiliations that students make — seem to be linked to their family incomes and racial backgrounds, according to the results of a Undergraduate Student Government survey conducted...Read more

Book-scanning project with Google passes midpoint

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

Work to digitize an estimated 400,000 public-domain books in the University Library collection as part of the Google Books Library Project has passed the halfway point, Princeton officials said. Google is working with a number of major libraries, including...Read more
Dan Grech ’99

Telling students’ untold stories, on the radio

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

A freshman pledge leaves his fraternity a few weeks before initiation, straining ties with his closest friends. A video-game fanatic makes a name for herself by organizing an intercollegiate league for gamers. Players on the sprint football team come to grips...Read more

FYI: Findings

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

Mouse tracks   To study place cells — neurons that encode the spatial information an animal uses to guide its movement — a Prince­ton team devised a novel experimental setup that placed mice in a virtual-reality environment. The idea was to record the firing...Read more

The PPPL Express

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

A toy train was circling the tracks at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab for three days in early December, but it wasn’t a holiday display that technician “Sly” Vinson was watching. Inside the lab’s primary fusion-energy experiment, the National Spherical...Read more
Gregory Johnsen

In Brief

Published in the Feb. 3, 2010, issue

Forty-eight hours after a massive ­earthquake struck Haiti, several hundred members of the Princeton community attended a solemn candlelight VIGIL FOR HAITI Jan. 14 in the University Chapel. In the face of “suffering and loss beyond comprehension,” Dean of...Read more
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