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Feb. 3, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 8

A memorable astronaut

By Fred Lamparter ’61

Published in the February 3, 2010 issue

Pete Conrad ’53 (The Weekly Blog, Nov. 19) was arguably the brightest, coolest, and funniest of all the astronauts. An example of his temperament:   His pulse remained rock steady when his Apollo 12 launch vehicle was hit twice by lightning early in the launch.   In Moondust, a...

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Alumni on space panel

In response to: Newsmakers

By Norman R. Augustine ’57 *59

Published in the February 3, 2010 issue

Thank you for your mention of the review of the human spaceflight program that 10 of us conducted for the White House (Alumni Scene, Dec. 9). Actually, Princeton had not two but three members of the committee: You neglected to include Charles Kennel *64, who received his Ph.D....

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More alumni apps

In response to: Making your phone a flute, and more

By Alfredo José Richner ’03

Published in the February 3, 2010 issue

I just read the wonderful article about student and alumni apps for the iPhone (Alumni Scene,   Nov. 4). What a lovely surprise to learn that two very well known apps — and some of my personal favorites — in the iTunes store, Bump and Ocarina, were designed by fellow Princeton...

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Lessons on Islam

In response to: Tight security for cartoonist

By John H. McElroy ’56

Published in the February 3, 2010 issue

I loved the exquisite equivocation in David Walter ’10’s piece on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard’s visit to campus (Notebook, Nov. 4): “Westergaard’s drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban outraged many in the Middle East and Africa in 2005. Ultimately,...

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Hughes 'an ideal coach'

In response to: Coaching and excellence

By Dick Daily ’54

Published in the February 3, 2010 issue

I read with great interest Duke Slichter ’54’s letter in the Jan. 13 issue. I, too, was terribly disappointed when Coach Roger Hughes was dismissed. I only met Roger twice; both times he impressed me as being an ideal Princeton coach and Princeton ambassador. He was keenly...

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