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Class scribes wanted

By George A. Brakeley III ’61

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

Regular readers of PAW are aware that the secretaries of many of the Old Guard classes are non-classmates — widow, son, grandchild, nephew, niece. I did just that for 1907, my grandfather’s class (George A. Brakeley 1907), for the last seven years of its existence, and it was...

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From the archives

By Dick Snedeker ’51 *61

Published in the April2, 2008 issue

While I can’t identify the students building the bonfire (From the Archives, Dec. 12), I can offer some comments on its construction, since I was there. This particular fire celebrated the fourth consecutive Big Three championship, achieved in 1950 by defeating Harvard 63–26 and...

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Cultural insensitivity

In response to: Theorists vs. hands-on activists

By Ronald H. Fischer *67 p’92

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

In a June 11 letter to PAW, criticizing an article about Randall Kennedy ’77, the Rev. George A. Bates ’76 cites other individuals who in his mind better exemplify “courage and compassion” and stand up for “truth.” If Rev. Bates is interested in truth, two of the people he...

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More Goheen tales

In response to: Robert Francis Goheen '40 *48 Memories of a leader who mastered the art of listening

By Bernard S. Adams ’50

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

In the fall of 1952, I joined the Princeton admission staff under Bill Edwards ’36. Joe Bolster ’52 and I were the only staffers. A few years later, Bob Goheen invited me to spend a couple of hours daily helping him with the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Program — from 4 until 6...

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Going back: Reunions forum

By Christine E. Brady '79

Published in the July16, 2008 issue

I’m writing in response to a 2008 Reunions forum, “Immigration: To Legalize or Criminalize?” The question restated: “There are 12 million people living and working illegally in the United States. What do we do with them?” Our ability to work out a practical solution with...

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