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Feb. 24, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 9

Cover Story

Love, war, memory

A new book marks a departure for Princeton’s Chang-rae Lee

By Shirley Leung ’94

Chang-rae Lee spent four years writing his latest novel, "The Surrendered," much of which takes place during the Korean War. But he has been thinking about a Korean War story for more than two decades. One image in particular has stood out. As a boy of...

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A journey completed

Eight years after a scholar’s death, his life’s work is published

Published in the Feb. 24, 2010, issue

The subtitle to the introduction of Manfred Halpern’s posthumously published magnum opus, “Trans­forming the Personal, Political, Historical and Sacred in Theory and Practice,” is “Invitation to an Unfamiliar Journey.” That describes not only the journey...Read more

Women lag in leadership roles

Published in the Feb. 24, 2010, issue

Four decades after the arrival of coeducation at Princeton, the University is pondering an uncomfortable question: Why are so many of the “power positions” of undergraduate leadership filled by men? “Though statistics show that over half of student group...Read more

Reliving a war

The Class of 1942 captures memories of World War II in an audiobook

Published in the Feb. 24, 2010, issue

Transport ships had just delivered Paul Mailloux ’42 and hundreds of other soldiers in October 1944 to Leyte, an island in the Philippines, to prepare for what would be a major naval battle of World War II. While on the beach, he looked up and saw two...Read more
Web Bonus Links
Audio: A writer on writing
Princeton professor Chang-rae Lee talks about teaching students how to think like an artist.
Coeducation and its lessons
Professor Jill Dolan, director of the Program of the Study of Women and Gender, reflects on 40 years of coeducation and the current status of women students and women's studies at Princeton.
Video: Online conservatism
Watch Andrew Schlafly '81, who has launched Conservapedia and the Conservative Bible project, on "The Colbert Report."
Video: Miracles of Modern Science
The Miracles of Modern Science, an orchestral rock band of five young alumni, perform their song “Bossa Supernova.”
Word games: A PAW contest
Try your hand at constrained writing, and you could win a trio of DVDs for word lovers. Deadline: March 1.
Web Exclusives
Gregg Lange's 70's Rally 'Round the Cannon
Celebrating 80 years of McCarter Theatre, Princeton's original arts neighborhood. (Available as a podcast.)
On the Campus
Angela Wu ’12 goes backstage for three nights of improv – a senior thesis that combines writing and performing.
Lend a hand
Add your group to PAW's list of nonprofits created or led by alumni.
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