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Feb. 24, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 9

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Michael deCamp '49

Diving for decades to the ocean floor

Michael deCamp ’49 holds a plaque he recovered from the Varanger, a Norwegian tanker sunk in 1942 by U-boats, in a photo from the mid-1970s. (photo courtesy Michael deCamp ’49) In a recent dive off the coast of North Carolina, Michael deCamp...

Stephania  Bell '87

Real-world tips, for fantasy sports

Stephania Bell ’87 is ESPN’s injury analyst. (Photo: Michael Nagle) The NFL’s opening Sunday was a busy workday for Stephania Bell ’87, ESPN’s injury analyst. She started her morning with an online chat, helping fantasy football team owners...

Brian Bonnyman  '85

Providing medical care to the poor

Last January, Dr. Brian Bonnyman ’85 left his suburban private practice in Knoxville, Tenn., to take care of uninsured and low-income patients in a community health center. (Photo courtesy Brian Bonnyman ’85) When Brian Bonnyman ’85, a family...

Una McCann '80

Alleviating the effects of trauma

Psychiatrist Una McCann ’80 is conducting research to improve treatment and diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. (Photo courtesy Una McCann '80) The mechanic is a patient of psychiatrist Una McCann ’80, who for 20 years has been...

Christina Gelsone '96

A clown and street performer, Christina Gelsone ’96 has performed in trouble spots including Afghanistan and the Balkans. (Photo courtesy Christina Gelsone ’96) For Christina Gelsone ’96’s most recent assignment in Hangzhou, China, she wore...
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