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Feb. 24, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 9

Time to end a sport?

By Stephen J. Bednar ’60

Published in the February 24, 2010 issue

It was noted that Penn beat Princeton in sprint football 91–13! Ninety-one is a basketball score. Because of its dismal performance over the years, it appears that Princeton cannot compete effective­ly in the sprint-football league against the likes of Army, Navy etc.   In these...

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Invite Darwish again

In response to: In Brief

Published in the February 24, 2010 issue

The withdrawal of the speaking invitation to Nonie Darwish (Notebook, Jan. 13) is a sad event for Princeton and for the cause of free speech. I agree completely with the Jan. 13 letter from George A. Pieler ’73 and Stephen C. Carlson ’73, former presidents of Whig-Clio. Along...

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Schedule tougher teams

By James Yan ’09

Published in the February 24, 2010 issue

As an avid college basketball fan, I was surprised to see a blog entry on Yahoo! Sports arguing for Cornell’s legitimacy for an at-large bid for the NCAA tournament after its close loss to Kansas. Regardless of the argument, it’s still surprising to see Ivy League schools such...

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Juniors in hockey

In response to: In men's hockey, 'juniors' play major role

By Gerry Skoning ’64

Published in the February 24, 2010 issue

Congratulations to Merrell Noden ’78 on his fine article on the “juniors” trend in college hockey recruiting (Sports, Jan. 13). Using juniors programs as college hockey’s version of the minor leagues for grooming of players is “a culture that is unique to hockey,” as Dean Peter...

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Reflecting on race #7

By Luther Munford ’71

Published in the February 24, 2010 issue

Much has been made of President Barack Obama’s distant kinship to other American leaders. That kinship includes a relationship to Nathaniel FitzRandolph, 1703­–1780, who gave the land on which Nassau Hall sits. His remains lie buried beneath the Holder Hall arch, and the...

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