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Mar. 17, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 10

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David Petraeus *85 *87

Petraeus *85 *87, Leach ’64 headline Alumni Day

Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

This year’s top Alumni Day honorees, Gen. David Petraeus *85 *87 and former Rep. James Leach ’64, addressed timely topics in their campus lectures Feb. 20: Petraeus, the James Madison medalist, spoke about “strategic leadership” and its applications in Iraq...Read more

Jacobus Fellows

Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

Four graduate students received Jacobus Fellowships, which support the final year of graduate study: VANEET AGGARWAL, electrical engineering By researching wireless communication networks and the challenge of optimizing their performance, Aggarwal has...Read more

Alumni service awards

Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

THE CLASS OF 1984 received Class of 1926 Trophy for raising $5,848,484 during its 25th-reunion campaign. ROBERT EISENSTADT ’63 of New York received Harold H. Helm Award for sustained service to Annual Giving. The Jerry Horton Award was presented to...Read more
Gabriel North Seymour ’80, right, and her father, Whitney North Seymour Jr. ’45, defended a man charged with “failure to appear.”

Seymours bring to light improper practices in a Connecticut court

Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

In January 2007, Gabriel North Seymour ’80 was less than three years out of law school and never had handled a criminal case. But she knew that her client’s Kafkaesque story — about a questionable theft accusation, an arraignment involving a prosecutor but no...Read more
John Milton Cooper ’61’s latest book on Woodrow Wilson contrasts him with his rival, Teddy Roosevelt.

A career spent with Wilson

John Milton Cooper ’61’s biography humanizes the controversial president

Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

As the world drifted into war in August 1914, the first lady lay dying in the White House. “At five o’clock, her breathing stopped. With tears streaming down his cheeks, her husband asked, ‘Is it over?’ [Dr.] Grayson nodded. Wilson got up and went to an open...Read more
Andrew Kosove ’92, left, and Broderick Johnson ’90


Published in the Mar. 17, 2010, issue

Three of this year’s Oscar nominees   for best picture have Princeton ties: A Serious Man was ­written and directed by ETHAN COEN ’79 and his ­brother Joel; The Blind Side, produced by BRODERICK JOHNSON ’90 and ANDREW KOSOVE ’92, is based on a book by MICHAEL...Read more
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This third albumn by Red Rooster, a New York-based folk collective formed in 1998 and led by JAY ERICKSON ’98 (lead vocals) and NAT ZILKHA ’99 (guitar), combines country, bluegrass, folk, gospel, blues, and hip-hop. “Red Rooster...

Whatever It Takes

By Christopher Wong ’92

CHRISTOPHER WONG ’92. For nine months in 2005–06 banker-turned-filmmaker Wong followed the rookie New York City public-school principal Edward Tom during the inaugural year of an experimental school, the Bronx Center for Science...
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