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Mar.17, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 10

More views on race

In response to: Home

By Paul Hertelendy ’53

Published in the March17, 2010 issue

Gratifyingly, your multidimensional “Reflecting on race” issue of Jan. 13 goes well beyond traditional black-white coverage, especially with Maya Rock ’02’s article on the increasingly prevalent multiracial identity in America today. In our Princeton graduating class 57 years...

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Denial of center 'a travesty'

By William V. Healey ’52, M.D.

Published in the March17, 2010 issue

Re: Princeton rejects student petition to establish center for abstinence and chastity: What is going on? Who is responsible for this travesty in a once morally great university?

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A lifestyle that deserves support

By Dorina Amendola ’02

Published in the March17, 2010 issue

As a recent grad, I recall distinctly my extreme discomfort at having to endure the mandatory program “Sex on a Saturday Night.” I already knew well there would be predators and dangerous situations on campus if you put yourself into them, as I was an American high school...

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A chastity center? Yes

By Todd Johnson ’01

Published in the March17, 2010 issue

As training physicians who struggle daily with tragic societal effects of sexual promiscuity, we would like to express our support for the students of the Anscombe Society and their proposal for a Princeton Center for Abstinence and Chastity. Disappointingly, the University...

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Taking a good idea ...

By Stephen P. Ban ’84

Published in the March17, 2010 issue

A video posted Jan. 13 on PAW’s Weekly Blog chronicled the University’s provision of snacks (kettle corn?!) and entertainment to mark Dean’s Date. I offer two observations. The first: The Nassoons claim the invention of the practice of watching Dean’s Date runners as a form of...

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