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Apr.7, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 11


A HUM-dinger of a course

For 45 students, a challenging ‘intellectual boot camp’

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

Seeking Wisdom? asks the brochure that accompanies every letter of acceptance Princeton sends out in the spring. That’s a tease ambitious students find hard to resist. In recent years, as many as 70 have submitted the required essay explaining why they...Read more
Dean of the Faculty David Dobkin

Faculty retirement-incentive plan aims to spark more junior hires

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

Near Eastern studies professor Mark Cohen seems like a perfect candidate for the University’s new faculty retirement incentives, announced in early March, which encourage faculty to retire between age 65 and 70. He is 67 years old and interested in teaching...Read more
An early photo of New South, taken before the first floor was enclosed in 1982. The building will become home to the creative writing program and studio spaces for dance and theater.

New South to house creative writing, arts studios

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

Creative writing faculty will head to the area adjacent to the proposed site of the arts and transit neighborhood on the western edge of the campus in July, when they are scheduled to move into New South. The move was motivated, in part, by the addition of...Read more
Large maps of a once-thriving Jewish neighborhood of Berlin in 1933 and in 1993 are the focus of a pair of lightboxes created by Berlin-based conceptual artists and now installed in East Pyne. A lightbox detail is shown in the images at top, which depict Nazi laws that progressively placed restrictions on the Jewish residents.

Remembering how rights were lost, one by one

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

Places of Remembrance, a pair of large lightboxes by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock of Berlin, have been installed on the second floor of East Pyne. The lightboxes depict the conceptual artists’ award-winning memorial, created in 1993, that consists of 80...Read more

FYI: Findings

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

Green genes Aphids may be agricultural pests, sucking nutrients from plant sap the way that mosquitoes suck blood from animals, but genetically, they are fascinating creatures, with thousands of genes that have evolved to exploit their unusual style of...Read more

In Brief

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

The University announced March 17 that it is starting construction of the NEUROSCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY BUILDING, which President Tilghman has termed her “most urgent priority” as she worked to raise funds for the project. The construction cost is estimated at...Read more

Heard on campus

Published in the Apr.7, 2010, issue

“ I learned, in that 33 months ... how people react to grief: traumatic horror, anger, frustration, disappointment, renewed faith in religion, termination of any faith in religion — an incredible array of human emotion. ” Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury...Read more
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