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Apr. 28, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 12


In Brief

HEARD ON CAMPUS   “ I’m tired of writing ‘cult director’ on my tax forms – I want to write ‘cult leader’! ”   Film director John Waters, whose movies include Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, during a March 25 lecture about his life and artistic influences...Read more
From left, Elyse Powell ’11, Professor Bart Hoebel, visiting research associate Nicole Avena *06, and Miriam Bocarsly ’06 linked high-fructose corn syrup and obesity in a study of rats.

Study of high-fructose corn syrup stirs critics

In late February, the journal Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior published an interesting study from Princeton psychology professor Bart Hoebel’s lab: Over an eight-week period, rats that consumed high-fructose corn syrup, dissolved in water, gained...Read more
Colm Tóibín’s advice to young writers: Learn "not to bore people."

An Irish novelist abroad

Classes are fun, but Tóibín is ‘dead serious’ about writing

The students in Colm Tóibín’s fiction-writing workshop aren’t the only ones who from his coming from his native Ireland to teach at Princeton. A visiting professor in creative writing who taught last year and will return in 2011, Tóibín says he...Read more
Nonie Darwish

For Darwish, a chance to talk

Four months after an earlier invitation to appear on campus was withdrawn, author and activist Nonie Darwish sharply criticized traditional Islamic law in a March 24 lecture at Whig Hall.   Darwish, who grew up Muslim in Egypt but has parted ways with Islam,...Read more
Cynthia Cherrey

VP for campus life named

Cynthia Cherrey, the vice president for student affairs at Tulane University who helped lead the school’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina, will succeed Janet Dickerson as Princeton’s vice president for campus life Aug. 1. Damage sustained in the...Read more

Oh happy day!

James Fitzgerald, creator of the fountain in front of Robertson Hall, named his work the “Fountain of Freedom” to symbolize a vision of lasting world peace – but to these Woodrow Wilson School seniors, the fountain represents freedom of a different sort....Read more

With 8.2% chosen, the most selective class ever

Almost four in 10 of the applicants to Princeton’s Class of 2014 had perfect GPAs. More than half of all the hopefuls scored at least 2100 — out of 2400 — on the combined SAT. Most of them were turned away. This year’s admission process was the most selective...Read more
The University plans to demolish the 1892 Osborn Clubhouse, which later became the Third World Center.

Historic building to be history

Old clubhouse to make way for Andlinger Center

In 1896, four years after the Osborn Clubhouse was built as an athletic training facility at the corner of Olden Street and Prospect Avenue, The New York Times described the building’s trophy room as “the proudest place of the entire college in the hearts of...Read more
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