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May12, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 13

new books and media

Spartak Moscow: The People’s Team in the Workers’ State (Posted on May11, 2010)

By Robert Edelman ’66

(Cornell University Press) Spartak Moscow chronicles the history of Spartak, a soccer team that emerged in Moscow and gained a huge popular following during the...

Edwin O. Reischauer and the American Discovery of Japan (Posted on May11, 2010)

By George R. Packard ’54

(Columbia University Press) Named U.S. Ambassador to Japan by President Kennedy in 1961, Edwin O. Reischauer urged his fellow citizens to abandon stereotypes and...

Understanding Torture: Law, Violence, and Political Identity (Posted on May11, 2010)

By John T. Parry ’86

(University of Michigan Press) In Understanding Torture, the author argues that prohibiting torture will not end it. He claims that creating a separate category...

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think (Posted on May11, 2010)

By Laura Vanderkam ’01

(Portfolio) This book examines how people allot the 168 hours of each week and suggests that with a little reorganization and reprioritizing, we can dedicate more...

Prostate Cancer Survivors Speak Their Minds: Advice on Options, Treatments, and Aftereffects (Posted on May11, 2010)

By Arthur L. Burnett II ’84 and Norman S. Morris

(Wiley) Offering a medical discussion of prostate cancer options, treatments, and aftereffects, this book is a guide for men diagnosed with the disease and those...

Apocalypses (Posted on May11, 2010)

By David Galef ’81

(Finishing Line Press) In this poetry chapbook, the author uses verse to explore existential anxieties that often turn out to be – in the words of John Blair,...

Persistent Inequality: Contemporary Realities in the Education of Undocumented Latina/o Students (Posted on May11, 2010)

By Maria Pabon Lopez ’85 and Gerardo R. Lopez

(Routledge) Persistent Inequality examines how children of undocumented migrants in the United States are trapped at the intersection of two systems in crisis:...

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