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May12, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 13

The quest for logic

In response to: A moment with...

By Franklin Monzon ’93

Published in the May12, 2010 issue

The article on Andrew Schlafly ’81 and his misguided creation, Conservapedia (A Moment with, Feb. 24), was one of the most alarming pieces I’ve read in PAW. The final line, “Conservativism is mostly logic, and ultimately logic prevails,” is the kind of glib tautology that I...

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Learning from writers

In response to: President's Page

By Tom Nagorski ’84

Published in the May12, 2010 issue

Shirley Tilghman’s “70 Years Of Creative Writing” (President’s Page, Feb. 24) brought back fond memories from what was without question a highlight of my experience at Princeton. It wasn’t just the impressive roster of writers — Joyce Carol Oates, Russell Banks, and Edmund...

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A soccer success

By Elton R. Petersen ’48

Published in the May12, 2010 issue

There is quite a story re: Bob Bradley ’80, the head coach of the U.S. World Cup soccer team. PAW mentioned him recently (Tiger of the Week, Oct. 14), but for those who know soccer at the World Cup level, Bob’s elevation to that post — from his start in Princeton’s soccer...

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More Tigers in love

In response to: Tigers (still) in love

By The Rev. Daniel J. Skvir ’66

Published in the May12, 2010 issue

I have read with interest the letter dedicated to “Tigers in Love” (April 7), and heartily congratulate the Wilheims ’75 on the blissful longevity of their Princeton-Princeton marriage. At the same time, I must mention that my wife and I have laid claim to the distinction of...

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Warming would test humankind

In response to: Temperatures rising

By Gregory Faris ’80

Published in the May12, 2010 issue

As I read the article on the role of professors Happer and Austin as climate-change skeptics, two thoughts came to mind. First, it pleases me that the Princeton physics department has been supportive in spite of their dissenting scientific positions. Second, although they are...

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