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June2, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 15

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France and its Empire Since 1870: The Republican Tradition (Posted on June2, 2010)

By Alice Conklin *90, Sarah Fishman, and Robert Zaretsky

(Oxford University Press) Covering the history of the French nation and its overseas empire since 1870, this book sets out to explore the many myths that surround...

What Darwin Got Wrong (Posted on June2, 2010)

By Jerry Fodor *60 and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini

(Farrar, Straus and Giroux) The authors argue that Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection cannot explain evolution. While not denying the validity of...

Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think (Posted on June2, 2010)

By Elaine Howard Ecklund *02

(Oxford University Press) The author examines the religious views of elite scientists from top U.S. research universities and argues that few scientists are purely...

Jazz Religion, the Second Line, and Black New Orleans (Posted on June2, 2010)

By Richard Brent Turner *86

(Indiana University Press) The author explores the history and significance of the religious traditions, identities, and performance forms celebrated in the second...

Living Through the End of Nature: The Future of American Environmentalism (Posted on June2, 2010)

By Paul Wapner *91

(MIT Press) In this book, the author addresses the meaning of environmentalism in a “postnature” age when wildness is coming undone and efforts to “preserve”...

(Posted on June7, 2010)

(Terry Silverlight Records). Featuring Terry Silverlight ’79’s drumming and original music, this jazz album is a compilation of live performances with Silverlight’s band in recent years and includes his pianist brother Barry Miles Silverlight...
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