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July7, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 16

new books and media

Black Magic (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Dinah Johnson ’82

(Henry Holt Books for Young Readers) In collaboration with illustrator R. Gregory Christie, Johnson has written a children’s book that celebrates the idea of blackness. Children...

The Liberty Bell (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Gary B. Nash ’55 *64

(Yale University Press) Nash explores the history behind the most famous bell in the country, a symbol of liberty and American identity. He traces the bell’s story from its...

Wicked Philadelphia: Sin in the City of Brotherly Love (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Tomas Keels ’76

(The History Press) The author recounts 11 infamous or long-forgotten scandals in Philadelphia. These stories, filled with unbelievable events and colorful characters, range from...

Club Rules (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Andrew Trees ’90

(St. Martin’s Press) In this novel, Trees takes us into the world of privileged Eden’s Glen and the Winthrop family. The Winthrops are the pinnacle of business and society in...

Getting It (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Daniel Shaviro ’78

( In this novel, Shaviro satirizes the world of large law firms, detailing the professional and personal exploits of Bill Doberman, a lawyer at a prestigious...

Day for Night (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Frederick Reiken ’88

(Little, Brown, and Company) This intricate novel opens in Florida with Beverly Rabinowitz, a middle-aged doctor who escaped from Poland during World War II, as she vacations...

Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School (Posted on Aug.18, 2010)

By Adam Ruben ’01

(Broadway Books) If you have committed yourself to post-graduate work, this humorous guide serves to sooth the trauma of that decision. The guide is filled with handy lists,...

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