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July 7, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 16

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Admitted students preview campus life

By Folasade John ’09

Cheers and applause filled the lobby of Forbes College the afternoon of April 10 as the first of 467 prospective Princeton students arrived to meet their University hosts during the first of two Princeton Preview weekends, designed to...
Broomball sweeps campus; new upperclass meal options

Broomball sweeps campus; new upperclass meal options

By Julia Osellame ’09

As the men’s and women’s hockey teams don’t grace the ice with their skates, other students crowd onto Baker Rink with their sneakers and sweatpants, ready to enter competition that pits friend against friend...

Web Exclusive: May relay creates competition, collegiality

By Melinda Baldwin GS

One spring day in 1976, graduate students and faculty members in the Rutgers mathematics department challenged their Princeton counterparts to a 25-mile relay race on the first Sunday in May, ...
Students express their views

Students express their views

By Alice Lloyd George ’09

More than a third of the nearly 2,000 students who participated in an Undergraduate Student Government referendum in April said there has been a decline in the overall quality of student life due to top-level administration decisions, with...

A day for thank-you's

By Isia Jasiewicz '09

It was the day before Dean’s Date, and a rainy one at that. Everyone in the Rocky-Mathey dining hall should have been eating lunch silently, hunched over books and outlines. But instead, hundreds of students were...
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