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July7, 2010

Vol. 110, No. 16

Inbox 2009-2010

Reunions experiences

In response to: Perspective

By Amy Grimm '79

Published in the September23, 2009 issue

Contrasting with the article about Reunions awkwardness (Perspective, May 13), I just returned from my 30th, and find more depth to the experience each time. My husband and I attend lectures or activities, from an observatory viewing to a classmate’s space shuttle talk (this...

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Trash at Reunions

In response to: Reunions 2009

By Don Heitzmann ’70 *74

Published in the September23, 2009 issue

Although I’ve not been able to get back to the campus for Reunions for more than 20 years, it’s always fun to catch some of the flavor via the photos in PAW. This year, however, I was taken aback by the photo showing the littered grounds after the P-rade (cover story, July 15)....

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At Reunions, pick up after yourself

In response to: Reunions 2009

By Walter Hoesel ’60

Published in the September23, 2009 issue

Seeing the photo of and reading of the trash left behind for University workers to clean up after the 2009 Reunions P-rade featured in the Reunions issue of PAW filled me with the same revulsion that occurred in 1960 when I was working Reunions. At that time the Class of 1950...

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Clashing standards

In response to: Debating sexual ethics

By Stuart F. Hayes ’50

Published in the September23, 2009 issue

With regard to the question of ethics raised by professors Robert George and John Londregan (letters, March 4 and June 10), let me go to the very base of things. Presently, tension exists between the older and the newer ethical standards. I view the choice as follows: Life is...

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Course credit for ROTC

In response to: ROTC seeks course credit

By John G. Middleton ’53

Published in the September23, 2009 issue

I was shocked, then outraged, to learn that Princeton does not give course credit for ROTC, and hasn’t for decades (Notebook, May 13). Since I received my education during four years at Exeter, it should come as no surprise that I deem ROTC to have been the single most important...

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