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Sept. 22, 2010

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Pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton ’40, pictured in 2006.

More than a doctor on TV

Book pays tribute to pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton ’40

Published in the Sept. 22, 2010, issue

Anyone who has had a baby in the last 40 years likely knows the name T. Berry Brazelton. With a broad smile and hint of a Texas drawl, Brazelton ’40 has been doling out advice to anxious parents about everything from temper tantrums to potty training,...Read more
  Fred M. Donner ’68 *75 argues that early followers of Muhammad focused on belief in one God and included Jews and Christians.

Challenging the record

Fred M. Donner ’68 *75 paints a gentler portrait of Islam’s early days

Published in the Sept. 22, 2010, issue

A subject with origins in the seventh century may seem a bit musty to generate controversy, but the history of Islam’s founding remains fraught to this day. Fred M. Donner ’68 *75 wades into these choppy waters with Muhammad and the Believers: At the...Read more


Published in the Sept. 22, 2010, issue

Men’s lacrosse alumni (wearing USA jerseys, from left) MATT STRIEBEL ’01 RYAN BOYLE ’04 helped Team USA recapture the World Lacrosse Champ­ionship by beating Canada in the July 24 championship game in Manchester, England. TIMON LORENZO ’07 (far left)...Read more
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Faith Misplaced: The Broken Promise of U.S.-Arab Relations: 1820-2001

By Ussama Makdisi *97

A hundred years ago, Arabs had a largely positive view of the United States, thanks in part to American Protestant missionaries who established institutions of higher education, preparing the way for mutual understanding,...


By Emily Gray Tedrowe ’95

(Harper Perennial). This debut novel about love, family, and money explores the repercussions of the sudden marriage of widowed 78-year-old Winnie Easton to Jerry Trevis, a wealthy, elderly businessman. Told in alternating...


By Jessica Woodworth ’93

With her husband, Peter Brosens, Woodworth wrote and directed this feature film set in the Andes of Peru, where villagers mistakenly blame an outbreak of mercury poisoning on Western doctors who work in a nearby clinic. The...
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