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Sept.22, 2010

Vol. 111, No. 1

Time to rethink position on Greek life

In response to: New selection process proposed for clubs

By William F. Robinson III ’51

Posted on Sept.1, 2010

(Note: The following is an expanded version of a letter published in the Sept. 22, 2010, edition of PAW.) Have little in common with your residential college-assigned roommates? Or do they, too, want to find a smaller community of friends with whom to feel “at home”? Would you...

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The soul, thinking, and behavior

In response to: The wisdom of crowds

By Andrew Flaxman ’57

Posted on Sept.1, 2010

I have read with great interest the article by Katherine Hobson ’94 (feature, May 12) about Iain Couzin and his studies of herds, flocks, swarms, and all varieties of crowds. What is missing from Professor Couzin’s very important studies is something way “out of the box” for...

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When minorities are the majority

In response to: With 8.2% chosen, the most selective class ever

By Perry Monroe ’45

Posted on Sept.1, 2010

I was very interested to read the article on the University’s compilation of figures on the minority percentages for those admitted to the incoming freshman class this year (Notebook, April 28). It adds up to 46.3 percent, plus another 10.6 percent international students who...

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A tip of the (chef's) cap

In response to: Perspective

By Rocky Semmes ’79

Published in the September22, 2010 issue

The entertaining Perspective piece by Maya Rock ’02 (April 7) about working for Princeton University Dining Services brings to mind the delightful distraction and “real-life” pleasure of being a food worker at the Commons dining hall (even though the biggest lesson that I ...

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Reunions past, present

In response to: Reunions 2010

By Ted Taubeneck ’48

Published in the September22, 2010 issue

The Commencement/Reunions edition this year (July 7) was far and away the best ever, with much more substance than usual — interesting, provocative, and reassuring that Princeton is still the Best Old Place of All. I particularly liked the recollections of why the seniors ...

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