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Oct. 13, 2010

Vol. 111, No. 2

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Reflecting on pride and gratitude

In response to: Alumni pride

By Argyris Vassiliou *91

Published in the September 23, 2009 issue

Bob Bender ’71’s letter of July 15 leaves me puzzled. The heading above it proclaims “Alumni pride.” If it has taken two and a half centuries of accumulating greatness to finally inspire pride in an alumnus, perhaps a little reflection — or what the Communists used to call...

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Pride and shame

In response to: Reflecting on pride and gratitude

By Susan Cohen ’80

Published in the September 23, 2009 issue

Our superstar alumnae, Michelle Obama ’85 and Sonia Sotomayor ’76, certainly have been a source of pride (letters, July 15). But I’m writing about a related source of shame: that a young woman I know will not become alumna of the incoming freshman class.   It was surprising...

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Clashing standards

In response to: Debating sexual ethics

By Stuart F. Hayes ’50

Published in the September 23, 2009 issue

With regard to the question of ethics raised by professors Robert George and John Londregan (letters, March 4 and June 10), let me go to the very base of things. Presently, tension exists between the older and the newer ethical standards. I view the choice as follows: Life is...

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Wartime studies

In response to: Isolated at Princeton

By Grant K. Goodman ’46

Published in the October 7, 2009 issue

I am impelled to write the following in light of the comments of Sharath Raja ’88 re Hindi language courses at Princeton (letters, June 10).   In January 1943 a notice went up on the bulletin board that the U.S. Army was starting an intensive Japanese ­language school and was...

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Diversity here to stay

In response to: Admitting a new class

By G.A. Howard ’74

Published in the October 7, 2009 issue

Henry R. Whitehouse ’54 has lamented in at least two missives the same point expressed in “Admitting A New Class” (letters, June 10), which is that he is outraged over the University’s efforts at achieving diversity. I am saddened, but not surprised, that this ersatz fury would...

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