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Jan. 19, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 6

Humor me

Satirist Jeff Kreisler ’95 aims to be the thinking person’s comic

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

Telling Sarah Palin jokes at a comedy show in Washington, D.C.’s Adams-Morgan ­section the night before the Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rally last October is like shooting fish in a barrel. With a bazooka. The targets are at point-blank range and...Read more

Anatomy of the funny bone

The psychology of humor

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

We don’t tend to remember poor old Sigmund Freud as a barrel of laughs. All that talk of anxiety and hysteria and neuroses is a bit of a downer (though you probably agree that Freudian slips can be hilarious – if you’re not the one making them). But...Read more

Last academic standing

My search for Princeton’s funniest professor

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

Sideshow Bob: “Oh, come now! You wanted to be Krusty’s sidekick since you were 5! What about the buffoon lessons? The four years at Clown College?” Cecil: “I’ll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way!” “Brother from Another Series,” The Simpsons,...Read more

Behind the scenes with Triangle

What it takes for Princeton’s famed musical-comedy troupe to mount its show

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

With its new show, “Family Feudalism,” Triangle Club is celebrating its 120th anniversary – 118 years after it was ­officially founded. Precision, perhaps, is not Triangle’s most notable hallmark. No matter. Whatever its age, Triangle is exceptional: No...Read more

Pranks for the memories

The very best of student escapades

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

Take an environment that can generate the Triangle kickline, Cane Spree, and the Nude Olympics, let it percolate for 250 years or so, add a pile of 18-year-olds and The Daily Prince­tonian’s annual joke issue, and you would expect some pretty spiffy...Read more

Imagining Class Notes

A look at classmates’ lives (and our world) in the distant future

Published in the Jan. 19, 2011, issue

March 6, 2023 |   Class of 2021 It’s been quite a year for BRAYDEN CARTER LOGAN, and it’s only March! On Jan. 14, he married Madison Mackenzie Addison ’22 — “who I guess you should call Madison Mackenzie Addison-Logan,” Brayden ­retina-twexts — in the...Read more
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