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Jan.19, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 6

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Nominating trustees

In response to: Picking alumni trustees

By Anne C. Sherrerd *87 h’52

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

The Committee to Nominate Alumni Trustees, or CTNAT (letters, June 1), is made up of 10 alumni volunteers, both undergraduate and graduate alumni, drawn from across the country and representing the broad spectrum of Princeton’s alumni body. Nominations come to the ...

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The runaway Dinky caper

By Liz Gold ’79

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

Here’s a story of unplanned Princeton high jinks. Late one afternoon in the spring of 1976, Art Miller ’77, Karen Norlander ’78, and I bought train tickets to Philadelphia and boarded the Dinky. Professor Ze’eva Cohen had assigned us to attend a professional dance ...

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From the Archives

In response to: From The Archives

By Doug Carpenter ’55

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

My April 6 PAW has arrived with the picture of the 1921 canoe trip (From the Archives). I am working on a biography of my dad, C.C.J. Carpenter ’21, and I discovered in a scrapbook a news clipping of that canoe trip that includes all the names. The five are, from left, W. G....

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A moose tale, often retold

In response to: From The Archives

By Arthur Lambert Jr. ’57

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

I am pretty sure that in the picture of the canoe trip in Canada in 1921, the second figure from the left is my father, Arthur G. Lambert ’22. When I was a child, I remember my father talked often about this canoe trip through the wilds of Canada with “Buzzer” Hall and ...

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All in the family

In response to: Chemistry's new 'cathedral' a beacon to young faculty

By Fred I. Greenstein

Published in the July6, 2011 issue

The article on assistant professor Abby Doyle (Campus Notebook, May 11) fails to mention that her father, Michael Doyle, was a member of the Princeton faculty. He is now at Columbia.

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