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William Arnot Mather, American Missionary to China and Richard Burroughs Mather, Professor of Chinese: The Biography and Autobiography of a Father and Son

By Richard Mather ’35

(Edwin Mellon Press) This is a double-biography of both Richard Mather and his father, William Arnot Mather 1896. The elder Mather was a missionary in China, where he created a...

From Out of Nowhere: Who Were the Two Cavaliers Who Were the First Governors of New York? 1664-1673

By C.S. Lovelace ’44

(Beam Ends Publishing) This book looks into the 17th century history of New York. It examines the lives of the first two governors, Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace, by...

Your Loving Son, Philip: Letters from an American Soldier in World War II, May 1944-June 1946

By Sgt. Philip R. Herzig ’46, edited by Helene P. Herzig

(Mixed Media Memoirs) After her husband, Philip Herzig ’46, died 2004, Helene Herzig discovered letters he wrote to his parents during his service the war...

A Sense of Being Called

By Richard S. Armstrong ’46

(Wipf and Stock) For years, Armstrong was intimately involved with baseball, playing it at Princeton and in the minors, and then working in the front office of the Philadelphia...

William Blake on His Poetry and Painting: A Study of A Descriptive Catalogue, Other Prose Writings and Jerusalem

By Hazard Adams ’47

(McFarland) This book discusses the writings of Blake, who was not only a poet but also a commentator on his own art and art in general. Topics include Black’s comments on his...

Blake’s Margins: An Interpretive Study of the Annotations

By Hazard Adams ’47

(McFarland) This book is about William Blake — famed poet, painter, and printmaker — and his annotations of other writers’ works. The book looks at the entire collection of...

Wagner the Mystic

By John J. Pohanka ’49

(The Wagner Society of Washington, D.C.) The author, a life-long student of philosophy and founding member of the Washington Wagner Society, explores the kinship...
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