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Mar.23, 2011

Vol. 111, No. 9

Students who wed

In response to: Student unions

By Bob Louden ’52

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

Re “Student unions” (Alumni Scene, Feb. 9): I married my sweetheart, Anne Zimmerman, during spring break in my senior year in 1952. Anne was a senior at Vassar, and we had dated steadily since we were high school freshmen. When we both turned 21 we sent letters to our ...

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Living in the 'Barracks'

In response to: Student unions

By Bill Swan ’68

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

I was one of the 30 children who accompanied married soldiers returning to Princeton after World War II. We lived in the “Barracks,” which were built on the old polo fields (“the most fertile ground at Princeton”). I am told I attended my father’s graduation, as he did mine,...

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Dinky move no big deal

In response to: After a 'go/no-go moment,' arts center plan in jeopardy

By Richard Trenner ’70

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

According to a study reported in Road Engineering Journal, the average walking speed of pedestrians 65 years and older is 4.11 feet a second. At that speed, you would need a bit under two minutes to walk the 460 feet from the Princeton Borough Dinky station stands to...

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Benefits of oil and gas

In response to: Jones: From 'sink or swim' to 'we turn to each other'

By Arthur Diaz ’82

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

So Van Jones considers drilling for oil to be pulling “death out of the ground” (Campus Notebook, Feb. 9). Did he arrive at the MLK celebration on his horse, or in a car? Did he travel on a dirt road, or one paved with asphalt? Was the room lit by candlelight, or by ...

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PPPL's fusion research

In response to: President's Page

By Isaiah Cox ’94

Published in the March23, 2011 issue

President Tilghman is correct to use the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab as a “great example of what long-term federally sponsored research can accomplish” (President’s Page, Feb. 9). Magnetic-fusion research has been a complete failure, supporting decades of make-work for...

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